>Topsy Turvy Sweater

>Here are the results of the ‘which sweater should I knit’ poll:

(Poll no longer available)

As you can see the Topsy Turvy sweater was the most popular choice so that’s the one I’m going to knit.

Here’s the wool I’m using:

The main colour will be pink and the blue and brown are for the pattern on the sleeves – I hope the colours will look alright together.

I’ve knitted the back today – I know it was supposed to be my November project but I’m only a few days early. Anyway, here’s a boring photo of the back:

topsy turvy back
I’ll be starting on the front next weekend but in the meantime I’m going to finish crocheting the armbands on the angora top that I told you about last week. I’m hoping to get that finished tonight.

Talk to you later,


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