>Cross Stitch Update

>Here’s how far I’ve got with the cross stitch:

progress 30th oct
As you can see it’s hardly changed since last Monday but with all the fun and games I was having with my computer I didn’t really have much chance of doing any. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to get a lot more done this week.

I finished off the angora top last night:

angora top
It worked out OK but that stuff really sheds! I tried it on wearing black trousers and I put a black jacket on over the top to see what it looked like. You should see the state of the jacket now – it’s covered with the stuff. I’ll have to be careful what I wear the top with in future.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*:-.,_,.-:*Enjoy a Safe and Happy Halloween!Blessings*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*:-.,_,.-:*'“'*:-.,_,.-:*(Originally posted on 31st October 2006)

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