>Cross Stitch Update

>progress 6th November

This cross stitch project is very slow going. As you can see it’s hardly changed since last week (again) but I’ll keep working away at it and eventually I’ll get there.

I managed to knit one of the sleeves of the Topsy Turvy sweater last night:


I wasn’t sure if the contrasting colours would look right against the pink but I think they are OK. Here’s a close-up:


Omni asked why the front of the sweater has a split in it. If you go over to the sidebar and click on Topsy Turvy sweater you will see a picture of how the finished sweater will (hopefully) look. As well as buttons on the front there are also buttons on the sleeves which don’t show up too well in the black and white picture. I’m hoping the button and buttonhole bands won’t be too difficult to knit but knowing me I’ll probably manage to get them wrong.

Talk to you later,


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