As expected I haven’t done any knitting at all this week – been a bit busy but I’m hoping to get the Topsy Turvy sweater finished at the weekend. There’s only the second sleeve to knit plus the neckband, button and buttonhole bands and the sewing up. I haven’t bought any buttons for it yet but I can get them next week. If you’re wondering what it will look like just click on ‘Topsy Turvy Sweater’ in the sidebar.

Thank You For Your Comments
Thank you to drib, steelbreeze, tracey, sera, d.prince, ariadnek ph.d, dustin, pinoy stupid, ender, diane, lilfeathers2000, lynn and shawn c for taking the time to comment on my recent posts. Even though I don’t always reply to them I do read and appreciate all your comments. Thanks again.

Talk to you later,


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