>Cross Stitch Update

>Here’s the latest cross stitch update:

progress 20th Nov
Yet again there’s not much progress but I was busy last week what with the decorating and the concert. I won’t be doing any of it tonight because I want to get the sweater finished. I just have to sort out the buttonholes, sew in the ends and sew the buttons on.
Keztral asked if there was any chance of me selling one of these sweaters. Well, I’m glad you like it but I’m afraid I won’t be knitting another one. I made it a rule of mine not to knit for other people (unless it’s a present from me). The reason for this is that I was once asked to make a sweater for someone’s daughter. She looked at my knitting patterns and chose the one that she wanted – it was a chunky sweater with snowflakes on it – and said “if you get the wool I’ll give you the money when it’s finished.” So I stupidly bought the wool and knitted the sweater. She then decided that she didn’t want it after all and wouldn’t give me the money for the wool. So I was out of pocket and had this child’s sweater that I had no use for – I ended up putting it in a charity sack. Ever since then I have refused to knit for other people.

Right, I’m off to finish the sweater now.

Talk to you later,


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