>No Knitting

>I tried to knit a hat but without any success .

I was going to knit some more of the fair isle yoke sweater tonight but it’s so cold in the back bedroom where my knitting machines are that I’ve decided that I’ll wait until tomorrow instead.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >What those software companies never mention is that 50% correct recognition is considered a VERY high success rate. Also, because of the way human vocal tracts work, deep voices are easier for speech recognition software to get right – so the software works better for men than for women.So don't expect it to be perfect. If you train it for about 24 hours – yes, 24 hours! – it should improve quite a bit, though.(Originally posted on 10th December 2006)

  2. moonraker says:

    >My way of training … it …..was probably not the best. Having lost my patience I bounced it and bounced it on the kitchen floor.(Originally posted on 10th December 2006)

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Hi Susan!I don't usually comment on these, but I got your post on GoogleAlerts so I decided to give it a shot. It's not true that recognition rates are 50% as this is a very low number and noone would use software like that. The truth is that speech recognition is doing fine and is used by many people and buisnesses worldwide. True, the rates aren't perfect and they are easily influenced by the way SR is used, so a speaker-dependent domain-limited vocabulary speech recognition used in a quite envoirment will have much greater performance than a speaker-independent large-vocabulary speech recognizer used in a noisy enviornment like a meeting or a public telephone… Nevertheless the software you use usually gets their performance in the high nineties, which still means that one in 20-30 words will be recognized wrong, but that's not that bad…In my opinion, the problem that you have is that you expect results from something you got for free. Today, commercial SR software for home use costs several hundreds of dollars. Check out Nuance to get some ideas. I hope you don't abandon this idea just because of one bad expirience.(Originally posted on 10th December 2006)

  4. Salihah says:

    >Just surfed in off blogmad…So excited to see another knitter! Love your vintage images, too! Awesome!Knit two, purl two…Peace,Salihah(Originally posted on 10th December 2006)

  5. >"It's not true that recognition rates are 50% as this is a very low number and noone would use software like that."Sorry, anonymous, but you're incorrect or at least grossly oversimplifying the success rates. My field is acoustics and phonetics, so I know what I'm talking about. With hundreds and hundreds of hours of training, some speech recognition software can attain 80-90% correct recognition, but that's far from being the norm. And those are almost always male voices. Since female voices have fewer harmonics below 6000 Hz, there's simply not as much acoustic information available for the computer to identify. The computer cannot detect equally well with less data, period.Sorry to hijack your comments, susy. 🙂 If you practice with the software, it will improve but don't expect miracles. It can be fun to play around with it and see what kinds of mistakes it makes, though!(Originally posted on 11th December 2006)

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