>Finished Another Sweater

>At last I have finished the fair isle yoke sweater – do you want to see it?

Click here

(I tried to embed it but the code wouldn’t work so I had to make a link instead)

I don’t know what my next project will be yet but I do know that I don’t need any more sweaters, I don’t want to make any blankets or cushion covers or hats or scarves. Some of the socks I knitted are looking a bit worn so I could knit some more of those. Any other suggestions? I could just concentrate on the cross stitch for a while I suppose.

A Few Thank You’s

Hello to steelebreeze, tracey, vivian, cynthia, keztral, templar, dancingbarefoot, salihah, moonraker and dana, thank you for your recent comments, they are much appreciated.

jerine asked, “how does it feel to have a birthday so close to Christmas?” Well, it doesn’t bother me now but when I was younger I used to feel a bit cheated. You see I have an older sister whose birthday is in July and a younger brother whose birthday is in August – I’m the middle child with a birthday just before Christmas so something I often used to hear on my birthday was, “I haven’t got you much for your birthday but I’ve got you a nice Christmas present.” To me as a child that didn’t seem fair – the other two didn’t miss out so why did I have to? It wasn’t my fault that I was born in December was it?

deborah asked, “did you knit by hand before you started with the machine?” Well, I knew how to knit by hand but I was so slow that I never actually finished anything. That was the reason I bought a knitting machine in the first place. The machine I bought was the original Bond in about 1982. I’d knitted a sweater before I’d had it a week and that was it – I was hooked.

Talk to you later,


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