>Christmas Presents

>Thanks to everyone who’s left me comments recently – especially anonymous who said “now if only you could fill it”, I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about but thanks anyway.

Lavenderlady asked if my knitting machine is a Studio 303. Well it’s actually a Knitmaster 302 but I think they are exactly the same machine – does anyone know?
She also asked if I received any knitting related gifts. No, I didn’t but do you want to see what I did get? OK, here you go:

New Years Resolution
I’ve made a new year’s resolution, I don’t know if it will last but I’m going to try. This started out as a knitting blog but lately there hasn’t been much knitting content. So my resolution is to have some knitting in every post, even if it’s just a photo of something that I want to knit at some time in the future. Let’s see how long I can do it for.

Talk to you later,


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