>I actually did some knitting today, I made a pair of socks.
Would you like to see how I made them? OK, here you are then:

Yes, I have just discovered how to speed the videos up in my editing software (Ulead VideoStudeo 8.0) so of course I had to have a go. I’m having fun making my daft little videos, the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on what my next production should be? (Keep it clean please!)

The socks were made using leftovers from the last two sweaters I knitted – did you recognise the colours?

Diane thinks that my cross stitch project is a farmer with his collie dog. Yes, you guessed right. Well he’s actually got two dogs as you’ll see when I get a bit more of it done. I’ve made a mistake on the first dog but I’m hoping I’ll be able to get away with it – I don’t fancy having to unpick it. The design is called ‘Next To Go’ and it’s from the James Herriot ‘Every Living Thing’ series from Anchor. I have already completed five pictures from the series but I think this one will be the last – maybe.

Talk to you later,


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