>Remember the pink and navy top? Well I finished crocheting around the armhole edges and sewed in all the ends. Here’s the result:

pink top before pink top before (2)

It’s really bad isn’t it?
I decided I would try and shrink it so it would fit better, so into the washing machine it went:

about to be shrunk

After a 40 degree wash and a tumble dry, here’s the result:

pink top after pink top after (2)

It didn’t turn out too badly after all. I know it’s not brilliant but it’ll do.
I’m not going to bother sewing the binding along the neck edges because with it shrinking it’s gone a bit thicker and the edges are firmer.

I did start another 3ply sweater but it all went wrong so I’ve pulled it out. I don’t know what’s wrong with me lately, everything I try to make seems to be going wrong.

Talk to you later,


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