>Cross Stitch Update

>progress 19th feb

Yes I know, I know, I’ve hardly done any since last week. It’s not my fault, really it isn’t, it’s those damned ‘clicks for cash’. It takes me so long to get through them all that by the time I’ve finished them I can’t be bothered to start on the cross stitch. The thing is I’ve just got to carry on doing the clicks, I really really want to earn enough to buy the new camcorder. I know I won’t make nearly enough money by just doing the clicks but every little helps (as the woman said as she peed into the sea). I promise you I will finish the cross stitch – it’ll just take longer than I thought it would.

Thanks for all your recent comments, I do appreciate them. Oh and by the way Jane, yes it was Bruce on the ipod and no, you don’t get a prize!

Talk to you later,


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