>Nasty Comments

>Someone left a comment on one of my YouTube videos today and they called me a “sad retarded Northern twat”. Was there any need for that? If they didn’t like the video wouldn’t it have been easier just to hit the back button and go and watch another one? Surely he/she is the sad and retarded one for actually bothering to write the comment.
I don’t know about you but if I’m watching a video or reading a blog that I don’t like or I think isn’t very good I just move on to another one.
I can take criticism or advice but there is no need to insult me like that. I may be a sad Northerner but I’m not a retarded twat!
Anyway, I removed the comment.
If this person leaves another comment with some constructive criticism I will leave it there but if the best they can do is call me names then it will be removed again.

“Don’t say nothin’ if you don’t have something nice to say”

Talk to you later,


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7 Responses to >Nasty Comments

  1. Diane says:

    >Total ignorance!!!Just ignore the silly buggers….they've obviously got nothing better to do, such a waste of valuable time…..Well Susan i don't know how anyone can say that you are a cheat for using a knitting machine!!!!I've said it before,and i'll damn well say it again!I think you're a technical wizard! I watch in awe! It's so interesting watching you use your machine……i only wish i knew how to….i've hand knitted, since being taught by my mum and nan ,for well over 40 years *cough* and i'm only 47 :0) I admire you, you are very skillful and your knitting looks amazing!!(Originally posted on 20th March 2007)

  2. Susan says:

    >I feel the same way about hand knitters – how do you do it? I struggle with plain stocking stitch so I'm amazed at how you manage to do all those fancy patterns.(Originally posted on 20th March 2007)

  3. Badia says:

    >I live in Egypt, Susan you are great, I admire your work and skills, your blog and videos are so useful for me please keep on the good work and ignore buggers they have nothing else to do. please keep me posted if you pload any new vedio I watched all your vedios and I am so appreciated.Badia(Originally posted on 21st March 2007)

  4. Susan says:

    >Thanks for the compliment, Badia. I do try to ignore the nasty things that people say but it does make me wonder why they feel they have to do it. Maybe they have such a low opinion of themselves that it makes them feel so much better when they're hurting others?(Originally posted on 21st March 2007)

  5. Violet says:

    >Susan, I think you hit the nail on the head, people who write stuff like that have no feelings for others and get their kicks in these foolish, juvenile ways, wish they would grab a brain and grow up instead of abusing nice people like yourself who share your talents and often make me smile…Violet(Originally posted on 21st March 2007

  6. Muhammad says:

    >People have no respect for each other any more. anyhow, dont let it stress you, people with so much hate in them only hurt themselves.Peace,M.(Originally posted on 22nd March 2007)

  7. Chana says:

    >I imagine that people who leave nasty comments are so insecure that they pick on others to make themselves somehow feel better. So who is retarded now???(Originally posted on 23rd March 2007)

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