>The Sweater Is Finished

>At last I’ve finished the sweater.
Here’s the final video:

I think it would have looked better if I’d had enough wool to do the sleeves and neckband in the same colour as the rest of it but I didn’t so it’s irrelevant.

Hopefully next weekend I’ll finish the short sleeved sweater – I only need to knit a sleeve and sew it together then it’ll be finished.
Then after that I don’t want to knit anything else that’s green. I’m sick of looking at green wool.

The paper making kit that I bought off ebay arrived yesterday. Have you ever noticed how you get much better results when you have the right tools for the job? The paper that I made came out nice and thin, not like the last lot that I made with my bodged together frame thingy, which I now know is called a deckle.
Thanks for the suggestions on what to do with the paper – I wouldn’t have thought of using it for gift tags or picture mounts. Do you think if I add a little bleach to the water it will turn the pulp white? I might just try that.

Violet, I think you’ll find your ‘new’ knitting machine easy to use especially as you don’t have to mess about with weights. It’s great for knitting socks with but you have to knit them flat and seam them up. Mine doesn’t have a felt strip, it just has what seems to be a thick length of string. I occasionally run some oil along the edge of the metal strip that holds it in place so that it seeps underneath and stops the string from drying out. I don’t know if you’re supposed to do that but it doesn’t seem to have done it any harm. Anyway, I hope you’ll let me know how you get on with yours.

Talk to you later,


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  1. vethier11 says:

    >I love the sweater Susan, actually the two colors are nice together, gives it interest! I got my old Knitmaster to the point of knitting a little swatch. I still had a few needles sliding back out of work so just moved over to an area of the bed where they stayed secure. I rejoined the old retaining strip or string thing where it was tattered and then added a thin ribbon under it to give it a bit more thickness and it works better anyway. After getting it all back together I thot, hmm, where do you put the yarn!! lol, I hand feed it like you do, it is amazing how that works, still getting used to putting the yarn on the sinker hooks then the needles to get going but it's working! I dropped a few stitches here and there but not worrying too much about that yet. Must need more tweaking but I can't beleive I got this far…Mine doesn't have suction cups to hold it in place so it moves a bit and I need three hands I think….Violet in Canada(Originally posted on 9th April 2007)

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