>Oh No, Not Another One

>Every time I walk to and from work I pass a certain charity shop. For about the last three weeks there has been a Knitmaster knitting machine in the window. I couldn’t see what model number it was and it was in it’s case so I couldn’t see what sort of condition it was in. Every time I’ve gone past the shop I’ve thought about going in and asking if I could have a look at it but I’ve resisted temptation – after all I don’t really need another knitting machine do I?
Well today I finally cracked. I told myself I’ll go in and ask how much it is and if it’s more than £40 I won’t buy it.
So I went in and asked the woman how much it was. She wasn’t sure so she said she’d get it out of the window so I could have a look at it while she asked upstairs how much it was.
I saw on the case that it was a Knitmaster 321 which I think is the model that came out after the 302/305 (though I could be wrong).
I opened it up and everything seemed to be there. I looked in the accessory box and all the tools were in there.
Then the woman came back and said “It’s £10”.
So I bought it, well what else could I do for that price? Even if it doesn’t work I haven’t lost that much.
Here it is:




Looks nice and clean doesn’t it? Well it’s not, it’s filthy and it’s even got cobwebs:



The first thing I checked when I got it home was the sponge bar and as I expected, it was as flat as a fart so I’ll have to replace that. But the rest of it seems OK although it does need a good clean.

So now I’m on the scrounge – does anyone have a copy of the instruction manual that they could scan and email to me? I could probably figure out how it works but there’s always something in the manual that you need to know isn’t there?

Can anybody help me out?

Talk to you later,


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