>It Works!

>The punchcards that I bought off ebay arrived today about three quarters of an hour before I was due to go to work so I quickly had a look at the manual to see how to set the machine up and I managed to knit a tuck stitch pattern:

punchcard tuck stitch
It worked perfectly first time – I couldn’t believe it! I was fully expecting the punch card mechanism to be faulty.

Tonight I thought I’d try a fair isle pattern.
The first attempt went wrong and half the stitches came off the needles. So I re-read the manual to see if I’d set the carriage up wrong. No, I’d done it as I was supposed to, so I had another go. The same thing happened. I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t work.
Eventually I realised that I didn’t have the contrast coloured yarn threaded properly in the yarn guide on the carriage. I put it right and had another go. Success! I produced this:

punchcard fair isle
It hasn’t knitted a single stitch wrongly, all the stitches are even and the back is really neat. I can’t believe how lucky I was finding that machine for only a tenner.
Admittedly I’ve spent a bit more on punchcards, pattern books and a card punch but now that I’ve got them I can do all sorts – the world is my lobster (as Hilda Ogden would say).

Talk to you later,


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