>Cross Stitch Update & A Finished Item

>Here’s the cross stitch:

progress april 30th
And here’s the finished tank top:

tank top
The only thing I’m not happy about with it is the point of the V but I can live with that.

This will be my next project:

jaeger pattern
I already have the Jaeger Crinklespun in the main colour plus one ball of a contrasting colour. I’m just waiting for the other contrast colour to arrive – I found some more on ebay.

I have been having a bit of an ebay spending spree these past couple of weeks, what with all the punchcards and pattern books. I’ve just bought a yarn changer for the Knitmaster 321 – I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do with one but I thought I’d buy it because, well….. you never know when you’ll need one of these things do you?

I also bought some Jaeger Celtic Spun in a coral pink colour, I don’t have anything in mind for it but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

Another thing I bought was some invisible thread so that I could have a go at punch lace. Here’s how it turned out:

punch lace 1

punch lace 2
I don’t like it as much as the lace you make by transferring stitches but it’s certainly quick to knit. I think it’s the fact that the invisible thread isn’t exactly invisible when you look at it close up. I don’t think I’ll be doing many punch lace garments. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Talk to you later,


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