>Can Anybody Help?

>The yarn changer that I bought off ebay arrived today and I have a slight problem with it:

Now since I made the video I have discovered the correct way to attach it to the machine. I found this advert for it and by looking at the picture I was able to see where I was going wrong:

So I now have it in place ready to use.

yarn changer
I’ve tried runing the carriage backwards and forewards and it appears that all the mechanism is working – the yarn feeders change places on every other row.
I have no idea how to thread it up or how to thread the yarn through the carriage.

I still don’t know if it is going to work with the ribber carriage. I’m convinced that the ribber carriage needs to be connected to the main carriage but I could be wrong. I hope it does work with this carriage because I really don’t want to be spending much more money – ribbers are quite expensive aren’t they?

I also don’t know what this thing is:

thing 1
thing 2
It looks like it has to be attached to one of the carriages but which one and where?

So assuming that I can get this thing working, what exactly is it supposed to do?
Am I right in thinking that when I’m knitting fair isle it will enable the ribber to knit 2 rows at a time of each colour whilst the main bed knits the fair isle pattern so that there are no floats on the reverse? Or am I completely wrong and it does something totally different.

If anyone can help me I’d be very grateful.

Jane, thanks for the offer of scanning the punchcards. Do you have any of the Knitmaster sets? I managed to find the set that would have been originally supplied with the 321, thinking that any patterns I found in my magazines would be using those cards. Wrong. Just as an example, I looked in one magazine and there is a pattern for a fair isle cardigan. The instructions say to use punchcard M176B, set M1010 – what chance have I got of finding the exact punchcard to use? So any Knitmaster punchcards would be very useful, thanks.

Talk to you later,


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  1. steel breeze says:

    >Might be worth posting this question on Yahoo's knittingmachines group – there are a lot of folk on there who'd probably recognise those bits. Myself I'm too much of a spring chicken at this, sorry!(Originally posted on 1st May 2007)

  2. steel breeze says:

    >Ditto re getting set M1010 – somebody could probably send you a scan.(Originally posted on 4th May 2007)

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