>Jaeger Crinklespun Sweater

>I’ve knitted the back, front and one sleeve of the Jaeger Crinklespun sweater:

back front sleeve
I thought I might have to re-work the stripe sequence on the sleeves but I think it’s going to be OK. You see there should be four different coloured stripes but I couldn’t get hold of any more of the yarn and only ended up with 1 ball of the brown and a load of the green. The sequence should have been 10 rows main col, 4 rows col 1, 4 rows col 2, 10 rows main col, 4 rows col 3, 4 rows col 4 and so on. I ended up repeating 10 rows main col, 8 rows green, 10 rows main col, 8 rows brown. I weighed the brown before I started and it was 23.1g. So if after I’d finished the first sleeve there was less than 11.5g left then I’d have to re-knit it with a different stripe sequence. Well there was 15.3g left so it should be alright – unless my scales are wrong or I’ve worked it all out wrong which would not be unusual for me.

I haven’t managed to obtain an instruction manual for the colour changer yet but I have managed to use it – thanks Jane for your help, I wouldn’t have threaded it up properly otherwise. I wasn’t sure exactly how to thread the yarn through the carriage but after a couple of failed attempts I got it right and produced this:

colour changer practise
It was going fine until I decided to try putting a punchcard in to see if it would do the pattern on one side and stripes on the other – well isn’t that what it’s meant to do? Of course it didn’t work and it jammed and came off the needles and I swore and the dog ran away and hid, you get the picture.
So I won’t try doing that again until I’ve got hold of an instruction book but at least in the meantime I’ll be able to make a striped ribbed sweater, 2 rows per stripe, two colours – if I want to.

I’ve now got loads more punchcards to choose from, thanks again to Jane. What’s going to happen to my poor old 302? Do you think I’ll ever use it again? It’s looking more and more unlikely at the moment but you never know. Maybe I should take it in turns with each machine so that I don’t forget how to use them. I haven’t used my Bond for ages but the other day I received the latest Bond Buzz newsletter and there’s a free pattern for a shrug that I’m thinking of knitting. It looks really easy to make and I’ll be able to use the Ribber for the bands. Maybe that’s not such a good idea, that Bond Ribber is cursed, it always stresses me out. We’ll see.

Diane, how are you getting on with your Keyto knitting machine. Have you managed to get it working yet? I hope you haven’t given up on it.

Talk to you later,


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