>Knitting, Bond Ribber & The Colour Changer

>I’ve nearly finished the Jaeger Crinklespun sweater:

jaeger crinklespun sweater
I just need to finish off the seams, sew on the neckband and sew down the front bands.
I think maybe I should have made the next size up or knitted it at a looser tension as it might be just a little bit of a tight fit. I’ll know when it’s finished and has had a wash but it won’t matter anyway as it will be nigh on impossible to pull it out and re-knit it.

I received the latest Bond Buzz newsletter last week and have dusted off my Bond and made a start on this free pattern. I’m knitting it with some light blue acrylic which I bought from a charity shop for a couple of quid. It makes a change to use the Bond again, it’s so simple and basic. But despite the fact that I’ve been knitting with it for the last 25 years (is it really that long?) I couldn’t remember how to cast on! I figured it out though and have knitted about half of the shrug. The real fun will start when I knit the cuffs and the bands because I’m going to use the dreaded Bond Ribber. I can’t wait for that – as if there aren’t enough things stressing me out at the moment. There are a couple of Bond Ribbers for sale on Ebay UK at the moment if anyone’s interested but if you are thinking of bidding let me give you a warning – they are cursed. Well mine is anyway. If it’s not set up exactly right it drops stitches and jams but it is so difficult to get it right in the first place that I wonder if it’s worth the bother. When it’s working properly it’s great but then sometimes for no reason it goes out of line again and I get even more stressed out. I never let it beat me though, after all it’s only a bit of plastic isn’t it?

Now for the latest on my progress with the colour changer. A lady called Gabrielle kindly scanned some instructions and emailed them to me, Jane also gave me some help.
I modified the 302 ribber carriage so that it was joined to the main carriage. When I ran the joined carriages backwards and forwards without any yarn it ran smoothly and the needles weren’t hitting each other so all seemed well.
I found an appropriate punchcard pattern for double jacquard and punched it out ready. I followed all the instructions and went for it.
Well, the ribber needles didn’t catch the yarn so it all came off the needles. So I tried to do it with the carriages seperated but that wouldn’t work either because the yarn that was spun across the ribber needles when I moved the main carriage just wouldn’t knit – it was too tight.
So I really have tried my best to get it to work with the ribber I’ve got and I can’t see any way of doing it. I will have to save up and buy a newer ribber or just a ribber carriage. I’m not annoyed about it, I now know how to use the yarn changer and I think I understand how the punchcards need to be punched so at least I’ll have some idea of what I’m doing when I do eventually get another one.

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  1. steel breeze says:

    >An RJ1 carrige *might* work – would be a good idea to check with the folks at Metropolitan first though, before you make a purchase.(Originally posted on 16th May 2007)

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