>Cuffs & Muffins

>This morning I used the dreaded Bond Ribber to knit the cuffs of the shrug that I’m making. Here’s how they came out:

2 cuffs
Much to my surprise the ribber worked perfectly at the first attempt so there was no shouting and swearing and throwing things. Here’s a close up:

cuff close up
I took the cuffs off the machine onto waste yarn then hand knitted the cast off. I thought that would give it a neater edge than if I’d done a machine knit cast off.
So that just leaves the bands to knit which will probably be done at the weekend.
I would like to get the Jaeger Crinklespun sweater finished off before then and do a bit more of the cross stitch which, to be honest, I’m sick of the sight of now.

What did you think of those culottes in my last post? I thought they were pretty bad. This is from the same magazine:

(Photo no longer available)

You might not find it funny but there’s just something about the looks on their faces and the word “muffins” above that girl’s head. It cracked me up when I first saw it – maybe it’s just my twisted sense of humour.

I know the photo is a bit too big – flickr gives you a choice of sizes when you upload them and I thought the next size down was a bit too small. I would have been better off re-sizing it before I uploaded it but it’s too late now. Muffins.

Talk to you later,


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