>A Ribber For The Knitmaster 321

>There was a Knitmaster ribber SRP50 up for auction on ebay which would be perfect for the 321 but there was one problem – the auction was due to finish at 01:20 this morning. I really wanted to win this auction so my dilema was do I put in my highest bid then go to bed and hope that I don’t get outbid or do I stay up and put my bid in near the end of the auction? I wouldn’t have been able to stay awake until gone one o’clock so I decided to go to bed and set the alarm clock so I could get up again and bid on the auction.
I went to bed at ten o’clock and I must have gone straight to sleep because the next thing I knew the alarm was going off.

Anyway, I put the computer on and went to ebay. There were two bids on it and it was at £14.99, postage was £14.00. So I thought “what’s the maximum I want to pay including the postage?” and I decided on £80.00.
I put in my maximum bid of £66.00 and watched to see what happened.
The bidding went up to £33.00 (I obviously wasn’t the only sad person trying to win an auction at one o’clock in the morning!), I started getting worried – how high was this going to go? I really wanted that ribber so I upped my maximum bid to £86.00 but I was praying that it wouldn’t go above £50.00.
I didn’t refresh the page any more – I just waited and waited.
The end time came and so did an email. “I bet that says I’ve been outbid” I thought.
I opened it and saw the subject line “You Won”. I got it!
The end price was £53.00 so that’s £67.00 with the postage which isn’t bad really.
I looked at the bids and someone had put in a bid of £52.00 just 12 seconds before the auction closed – I bet they’re dead narked that they didn’t win it!

So when the ribber arrives I’ll finally be able to have a proper go with the colour changer. There is an instruction manual with the ribber so I shouldn’t have any problems with that and the seller says that it’s in full working order so, fingers crossed, I should have it working at the weekend.

I’m staying away from ebay for a while now, I think I’ve spent quite enough over the last few weeks.

Talk to you later,


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