>Two Finished Items

>I have two finished items to show you from the weekend.

First there is the Jaeger Crinklespun sweater knitted on the Knitmaster 321:

jaeger crinklespun sweater finished
This could have done with being slightly bigger but it’s OK I suppose. I was surprised how easily the yarn knitted up with it being textured – I was expecting the carriage to jam or drop stitches but most of the time it behaved itself. I did wax the yarn before I knitted it so that probably helped. The sweater was supposed to have ties at the neck with pom poms or tassels on the ends but I thought I’d pass on those – they would have driven me mad.

The second finished item is the shrug which was knitted on the Bond:

bond shrug
This is the one you can see in my video of the Bond Ribber. The front band was done in two parts of 100 stitches each. There was no way that I could stretch it enough to be able to pick up 100 stitches, the best I could manage was 92 or 93. So the edge doesn’t have much give in it but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. The only problem I have with shrugs is that they can make you look a bit like Quasimodo – or is it just me?

Talk to you later,


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