>The Sock Drawer

>When I visit YouTube I like to look at the videos in the ‘How To & DIY’ category – some of them are good, some of them are not so good. One that caught my eye today was this one:

Inspired by this video I thought I would sort out my own sock drawer. Here is the result:

sock drawer before

sock drawer after

Yes my sock drawer’s tidy, yes there’s room for a few more pairs of socks but do you know what, life’s too short. I mean does it really matter if my socks aren’t all neatly arranged in the drawer? Is anyone ever going to look in the drawer apart from me? No. But I hope this video has helped those of you who feel the need for a neat and tidy sock drawer, me, I’ll stick to untidy.

I’ll probably have some knitting to report tomorrow, I’m hoping to at least knit the front of the rib sweater (unless it’s a nice day again and I decide to stay out in the garden).

Talk to you later,


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