>I Want One Of Those!

>I want one

That’s the first time I’ve seen a sock machine in action – isn’t it brilliant? I must have one of those, eventually, one day.

Cross Stitch Update

progress June 4th
I know, the less said the better.

Knitting Update
This is what happens when you’re using the ribber and you don’t hang enough weights:

ribbing gone wrong
Luckily I hadn’t knitted all the front of the sweater before I noticed all the stitches it had missed, I was about half way through it.
Anyway, I pulled it out and re-knitted it with more weights and it never missed a stitch. So that’s something I must remember when using the ribber – use plenty of weights.

I’m about halfway through the first sleeve and seeing as there’s nothing worth watching on the telly tonight I think I’ll just go and finish it.

Talk to you later,


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2 Responses to >I Want One Of Those!

  1. vethier11 says:

    >Hi Susan: glad you found a ribber for you new machine and are enjoying it. I want one of those sock knitters too, they look like fun! I liked the video of the birds bathing, and that little one trying to get his turn! Violet in Canada(Originally posted on 5th June 2007)

  2. Anonymous says:

    >hi susan,those ladders are not missed stitches. that is because you had not racked your ribber into the correct position when you knitted the rib. weights would not help. infact, its not always a good idea to use a lot of weights, the less you can get away with the better.although you obviously have to use some.(Originally posted on 3rd July 2007)

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