>Knitting At Last

>After two weeks of being unable to use any of my knitting machines I’ve finally got the Knitmaster 321 unpacked and up and running again.

I knew exactly what I was going to make first – a replacement for this sorry looking thing:

dead dishcloth
That is the dishcloth I made back in January 2006 on the Knitmaster 302 which has push button patterning. Billy said I should just buy a new one but why would I do that when I can make my own? (They just don’t understand, do they?) So this morning I produced this on the Knitmaster 321 which is a punchcard machine – dishcloth MK2:

new dishcloth
It looks exactly the same as the first one which surprised me as I wasn’t sure what the punchcard pattern would turn out like.

pattern close up
When I’d finished it and compared the patterns on the old and new ones it is identical. Not that the pattern matters as long as the dishcloth does it’s job.

This afternoon I made a start on the dolman sweater from the Mary Weaver Ribbing Attachment book. Has anyone ever made this? The back looks a bit strange to me – what do you think?

dolman sweater back
Even though it’s only two weeks since I last used this machine I couldn’t remember how to cast on. I got it wrong a few times and was quite annoyed with myself – how could I forget how to use it in such a short time? I’ve got it sussed now though, so when I knit the front of the sweater tomorrow I should get it done a bit quicker than the back. I think the sleeves are going to be a bit of a challenge as I’m doing them in punch lace which I have hardly any experience of. I knitted a practise square a few weeks ago with no problems but there’s a bit of a difference between a small square and a full sleeve. Anyway, that will be something to think about next weekend.

I’ve been wondering about making circular knitted socks on this machine with the ribber. Does anyone know if you can knit them using a stitch pattern? I’m thinking that you can only do them in stocking stitch but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Talk to you later,


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