>What A Bargain

>Look what I bought today:

Regia Yarn
It only cost me £3.99 but that wasn’t for one ball – it was for ten. Ten balls, that’s 500g for £3.99, now that’s a bargain isn’t it? I bought it at a charity shop. I hadn’t even intended going in there but I changed my mind as I was about to pass by the door. There it was on the shelf, a full pack of it so I thought “I’m having that” and picked it up before anyone else could get to it – mine, mine, all mine. There was only one other woman in the shop and she was looking at the toys so she obviously wasn’t interested in it. But still, you never know – someone could have sneaked in behind me and grabbed it from under my nose. I bet you’d have done the same wouldn’t you?
I also got seven balls of Patons Diploma Gold DK for only £1.99 – another bargain.
So all in all a good day’s shopping.

Talk to you later,


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