>Sweater Abandonned

>The dolman sweater has now been abandoned, here’s how far I got with it:

sweater off machine
I thought it was going alright but I hadn’t realised that the invisible thread I was using for the punch lace was caught on a couple of the sinker gate pins and eventually it snapped. I had already made a mess of picking up the stitches round the armhole for the sleeve:

mistakes 4
mistakes 3
There were also a few mistakes in the lace pattern:

mistakes 2
So when the thread snapped I decided the best thing would be just to take it off the machine and abandon it. I now know that I never want to attempt to make another dolman sleeved sweater. I also know that I need some more practice at punch lace. I think part of the problem was that the yarn was a bit thin so maybe I’d have had more luck if it had been slightly thicker.

Anyway, I decided to start on the next project in the book which is a cabled pullover in DK.
I decided to knit the front first and was a little concerned that making the cables would put too much strain on the needles but I needn’t have worried, I had no problems at all.

Here’s the finished front:

cabled pullover front
I’m really pleased at how it came out, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do a decent job of the cables or not but they were really easy. I have done them on the Bond before and it did struggle a bit. Having said they were 6 stitch cables and the ones I did today were only 4 stitch cables so there wasn’t as much strain on the needles.

I also made a video showing how I made the cables:

Tomorrow I’ll knit the back which is just plain stocking stitch so should be quick to knit. I may even get the bands knitted as well, unless I find something else to do.

Talk to you later,


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