>A Knitting Update


I started on the next project in the Mary Weaver book and it is a cardigan in DK.
I have to say that the machine struggled a bit with the fair isle pattern – I think I should maybe have found a finer DK to use. Anyway, the back is finished but there are a few mistakes in the pattern. I think the point of this excercise was getting used to transferring stitches between the main bed and the ribber bed and I could really have done the back in plain stocking stitch. I’m doing the fronts plain as I don’t have enough of the light blue wool left to do the fair isle. I have no idea what the sleeves are going to look like as I think I’m also going to run out of the brown, I do have some navy blue DK so I might use that. I know this cardigan is going to look a bit strange with the different colours but as I keep saying about these projects they are just for practise so I’m not too bothered about what they look like as long as I can get the techniques right. I will probably wear it to do the gardening in when the weather gets cooler (not that it’s been that hot lately but you know what I mean).

Cardigan Back & One Front
As you can see it does look a bit naff with a patterned back and plain front but what the heck.

I’ve finished knitting all the parts of the cabled pullover so I’ll be sewing it up later on.

Pullover Ready To Be Sewn Up

Talk to you later,


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