>The Finished Cardigan

>This cardigan has just been one big disaster from start to finish. I’m glad that it was only a practice knit or I would have been quite annoyed about it.
I knitted the back without too many problems apart from a few mistakes with the punchcard pattern but I think that may have been because the light blue DK was just a little bit too thick causing the machine to struggle a bit.
After I’d knitted the back I knew that I wouldn’t have enough of the light blue to do the fronts in the fair isle pattern so I just did them plain using only the brown.
After I’d knitted the two fronts it was obvious that I wouldn’t have enough of the brown to do both the sleeves so I decided to knit the tops of the sleeves with the light blue that was left from knitting the back. I divided what I had of the brown and light blue and started on the first sleeve. When I ran out of brown I continued with the light blue but it became obvious that I wouldn’t have enough to finish the sleeve. So, I had some dark blue DK and decided to finish the tops of the sleeves with that.
I decided that the front band would have to be knitted with the dark blue so I started knitting it. It was all knitted in one piece and guess what – I ran out with about 100 rows to go.
I couldn’t believe it. There was no way I was going to buy any more wool to finish it so I had a look to see what I could use. All the DK I had would have been too thick for the machine apart from some orange but that would have just looked totally ridiulous.
The best I could find was some dark blue 4ply. Not ideal, I know but what else could I do?
Anyway, I knitted the band and sewed it all together. Next I needed to find four buttons. I have a tub full of buttons but could I find four matching navy ones? No. So I settled on four brown ones, not even the same shade of brown as the cardigan but by then I just didn’t care any more.
I sewed the buttons on and decided to give the cardigan a final pressing.
The body of the cardigan was knitted using 100% wool, the front band was knitted with acrylic. I pressed the cardigan using the highest heat setting with steam, not recommended for acrylic. Oops.
So here it is:

Cardigan Front

Cardigan Back

Bad isn’t it? Very bad. The front band has gone all out of shape at the bottom – it was alright until I pressed it.
It’s nice and warm though so it will be alright to wear around the house when the weather turns colder.

The next project in the book is a poncho cardigan in DK which I won’t be making. For one thing I don’t have any suitable DK and I don’t really want to buy any. The idea of working my way through the book was not only to get used to using the ribber but also to use up some of the yarn that I have accumulated.
So I’m going to miss out the poncho cardigan and move onto the next project which is a tuck stitch top in 3ply. I’m hoping to start it on Saturday and with a bit of luck this one will turn out better than that awful cardigan.

Talk to you later,


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