>Knitting Mistakes

>I never finished the sleeveless top that I started yesterday. I did the front and the back and sewed them together so I just need to crochet the armbands and the neckband. But I don’t think I’ll bother, it hasn’t turned out very well . I don’t know whether it’s because I measured my tension square wrong or what but it seems to have knitted up too big.

Unfinished Top
Anyway, this afternoon I decided to start on the next project in the ribber book – a tuck stitch top. It started off alright, I did 60 rows of 1×1 rib with no problems at all. The trouble started when I came to do the tuck stitch pattern – the machine just wouldn’t have it at all. This is what happened:

Pattern Gone Wrong
It kept dropping the stitches and snapping the wool. After the second attempt went wrong I decided to check the sponge bar. It was as flat as a fart. It’s my own fault really because I never did buy a new one, I just bodged it with some weather stripping which was supposed to be temporary until I got a new one. So I bodged it again with some more weather stripping and had another go at doing the tuck stitch pattern. Still no joy. Then I had a quick read of the ribber manual and it mentioned using the close knit bar which is something that was missing when I bought the ribber. So I’ve come to the conclusion that if I buy a new sponge bar and a close knit bar I will be able to knit this tuck stitch sweater. The trouble is that I think I had just the right amount of wool to make it but now I’ve wasted some of it when it all went wrong. I can see this ending up as another one of my stripey creations like the cardigan I finished last week.

Does anyone know of any other reason why the machine wouldn’t knit the tuck stitch pattern?

Talk to you later,


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  1. Barbara says:

    I don’t know about you but I have a brand new electronic silver reed sk840 few years ago I gave my brother knitting machine & ribber kh830 away which I could kick my self as it had every thing with it getting back to the sk840 I do also have ribber and you can not add weaving brushs to the ribber you can only use them on main carr, single bed, I have nearly got a tuck stitch cardigan done got the sleeves to do half way on the first sleeve shape armholes pattern was fine knitted 2 rows did not check till my r/c read 10 rows, I have taken the rows back checked my controller pattern EC1 box before I turned that back and tryed again but I am not getting on the right row.
    been on the internet search google checked all the video’s and I can not find any body to help me with this problem if I dont get it sorted will have to pull it down to the rib and start again, I would like to sort it out before I do that with this beening a new machine I have knitted a few jumpers plain and added bands 2nd col, plus a long line cardigan and a double rib short cardigan as it will not do lace yet it drops stitchs and leaves big holes in it so this is why I would like to get this tuck stitch pattern done.
    have I explained it ok, for you to understand what I am trying to get finshed with out pulling it down again I have no manual with the ec1 box only my books for my knitting machine.

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