A Little Knitting

I’ve now knitted all the parts of the tuck stitch sweater and I just have to sew it together. Did you guess what my cunning plan was to disguise the mistake in the pattern? The clue was the photo in my last post. I made a flower on the Ronco Flower Loom, the idea being that I will sew it on the sweater to hide the mistake. If it looks stupid I’ll take it off again and just hope that the mistake in the pattern doesn’t look too obvious.

I’ve spent all of this evening knitting a sock on the Knitmaster 302, videoing myself knitting it and editing the video ready for upload to You Tube. I made the video for Samantha in Italy who contacted me and asked for my help with her newly acquired Knitmaster 302. It’s been so long since I used that machine that I’ve practically forgotten how to use it. Anyway I hope the video helps. It will be spread over two or maybe three parts as the maximum size I can upload is ten minutes.


Talk to you later,


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