>Finished Sweater

>What do you think, should I sew the woolly flower on or not?
Here’s the sweater with the flower:

sweater with flower

And here it is without:

sweater without flower

The mistake in the pattern isn’t really obvious but I know it’s there. So do I hide it with the flower or not?

You can see in the photo just how much of the light blue wool I was short – how annoying is that? I was so close to finishing the front when I ran out. I think it looks alright though, I just wish I could decide what to do about that flower.

I’ve been knitting a child’s charity sweater on the Bond. I need to do the two sleeves and then I’m going to try and sew it up using the linker. This time I’m going to try and do it the way it’s done in the DVD. Hopefully I’ll get a better result with it than I usually do.

Talk to you later,


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6 Responses to >Finished Sweater

  1. No Rain says:

    >I like the sweater without the flower, but it looks nice both ways. Also, the photos are better than you think. Happy GTS!(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

  2. vethier11 says:

    >Susan, I like the sweater without the flower too. I can't see the flaw in the picture but I know you know it's there!! I like the two colors together too…Violet(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

  3. Andrea says:

    >That is a lovely sweater :)The mistake in the pattern is definitely not visible and I am sure it's more beautiful in two colors that in would have been any other way (seriously, when I first set my eyes on the pics my first thought was what a wonderful idea 🙂 )I think it looks a wee bit better without the flower (though I like it both ways).(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

  4. Ivy says:

    >I like the flower, Susan. How did you make it?(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

  5. babird1 says:

    >I think the sweater looks plain, almost like a uniform without the flower. It is really nice either way though!(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

  6. Susan says:

    >Thanks everyone for your comments.Ivy, I made the flower on the Ronco Flower Loom – I'll be putting a video up shortly.(Originally posted on 27th August 2007)

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