>Santa Hat

>You know how at Christmas time people start wearing Santa hats? Well I thought I would knit myself one. But then I changed my mind and thought what about a Christmas stocking hat? So I had a look for a pattern and found one for a Christmas stocking which was knitted with DK. I had some leftover DK so I decided to use that to practice with. I wish I hadn’t bothered, it was knitting up far too big to fit my head so I didn’t even bother to do the heel and toe shapings, I just took it off the machine and threw it in the corner in disgust.

I had another look and found a pattern in 4ply. I cast on and knitted a couple of rows but then something went wrong and the wool got all tangled up in the carriage brushes so I gave up. I’m not going to bother trying to knit my Christmas stocking hat now, it was a stupid idea anyway.

So tomorrow I’m going to try and finish the short sleeved sweater that I’m knitting. I’ve done the front, back and one sleeve so I should have it more or less finished by tomorrow night (famous last words).

Talk to you later,


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  1. Julie says:

    >It's nice to know that even experienced needle people get frustrated and have tangled yarn!!! I have done a few things over the years…a washcloth, and some flowers like you show on your one post with the little daisy flower thingy! I use those on packages to give gifts! I need to get busy and make some for Christmas packages. I am getting in the Christmas mood…hmmm…what should I make (something easy…)Your blog is a lot of fun!Julie(Originally posted on 16th September 2007)

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