>Another Knitting Mistake

>I finished knitting all the parts of the short sleeved sweater and started to press them ready for sewing up. The collar is knitted in two halves – the left side and the right side. I pressed one side and was in the middle of pressing the second side when I realised that something wasn’t right. So I put one on top of the other and this is what I found:

Knitting Mistake
One is smaller than the other, they are both supposed to be the same. How did I manage that? I might be able to bodge it when I sew the edge facings down, those are the long bits that are sticking up on the left. I have to sew them along the long edge of the collar then fold them in half and catch them down on the wrong side.

If I can’t manage to make both sides look the same size I’m going to pull the collar out and just have a flat neckband.

Do you think I’ll ever manage to knit something right first time without having to bodge it and fiddle about with it to make it look right? I seem to go through phases when everything goes wrong, I hope the current phase doesn’t go on for much longer.

I’ve been having a think about the next project in the Mary Weaver ribber book. I know I originally said that I was going to work my way through all the projects but to be honest I don’t think there’s much point in making the entire garment. The one I’m up to now is a ribbed sweater with full lace sleeves. The body of the sweater is worked in 1×1 rib which I have already learned how to do, so I’ve decided I’ll start with the sleeves. I think the thing I’m supposed to be learning in this pattern is how to do the lace stitch so that’s what I’ll be doing on the sleeves. If I can get the sleeves to work out OK (ha, ha) then I might possibly make the rest of the sweater. But then again I might not, I might just pull it all out and use the yarn for something else. I’ll see what happens.

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    >Hi,I've tried a couple of times, but your photos won't load, so I won't get to see your Campanula and others. Oh well, happy GTS. I'll try again in a few days.Aiyana(Originally posted on 16th September 2007)

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    >Pretty flowers!!!Julie(Originally posted on 17th September 2007)

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