>Two Finished Items

>The short sleeved sweater that I’ve been knitting on the Knitmaster 4500 is now completely finished:

Short Sleeved Sweater
It took four attempts to do the neckband and by that time I was completely fed up with it. Actually, the fourth attempt went wrong as well, it was sticking up at the back and didn’t look right. So I tried folding it over and making it into a collar:

Sweater Collar
I think it looks alright, I had to sew it down as it wouldn’t stay down on it’s own. The sweater was originally supposed to have a collar but I couldn’t get it right. I think the collar that I ended up with looks just as good as the one that it was supposed to have. I still think this sweater has a 40s look about it.

I also made this mesh bag today on the Knitmaster 321, it was dead easy. Here it is empty:

Mesh Bag Empty
And here it is full:

Mesh Bag Full
It’s amazing how much it expands. I think it will be handy to keep in my handbag just in case I need it – well you never know when you’re going to need a big bag, do you?

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  1. Monique says:

    >Very nice sweater. Great job!(Originally posted on 25th September 2007)

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