>A Machine Knitting Problem

I had a problem with one of my knitting machines today. It started off OK, I tried knitting one of the sleeves of the next project in the Mary Weaver ribber book. It is a lacey stitch and I think it looks quite nice:

Lacey Stitch

I’m not going to knit the full sweater, I just wanted to try out the pattern. The next project in the book is a man’s sweater in tucked rib stitch. I don’t want to knit a man’s sweater so I decided just to try the pattern stitch. That’s where my problems began:

So yes, I learnt my lesson – always read the book. I did read the instruction manuals for the main bed and the ribber, it was the part in the Mary Weaver book that I missed – the bit about how to arrange the needles. Now if I’d read that part first I would have saved myself a lot of trouble. I will admit that I cried tears of sheer frustration – I just couldn’t understand why it was going wrong. I read and re-read the instruction books over and over again. It was just as a last resort that I read the other book. I wish I’d read it first. Oh well, lesson learned. Here’s how the tucked rib turned out:

Tucked Rib Stitch

I’m glad I managed to get it to work because the next project in the book is a crossover top in a racked tuck stitch which I want to make for myself. It uses the same punchcard and needle arrangement as the tucked rib stitch so I tried it out:

Racked Tuck Stitch

So hopefully next weekend I’ll be able to start on that but I must remember to arrange the needles properly or else it will all end in tears.

Talk to you later,


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  1. Monique says:

    >Very pretty. Reminds me of tuck lace, where you have to arrange the needles as well. Glad you got that problem figured out. Now you only need to cry tears of joy. :)(Originally posted on 25th September 2007)

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