>Another Knitting Disaster

I started knitting the back of the crossover top in the racked tuck stitch. I won’t be finishing it. It was going alright until I came to do the armhole decreases and I got all confused. I thought I’d sorted it so I carried on to the shoulder decreases but I still had the wrong amount of stitches. So I just took it off the machine without casting off and this is what it looked like:

Abandonned Sweater Back
Something obviously went wrong with the pattern where the armhole shaping is. Here’s a close-up:

Racked Tuck Stitch Gone Wrong
In the pattern you’re supposed to move the swing lever to 5 and knit 2 rows then move the swing lever to 4 and knit 2 rows. I think I must have forgotten to move the swing lever so that one setting had four rows instead of two which made the punchcard pattern go wrong. Or maybe I moved the swing lever to 6 instead of back to 4. I don’t know, I obviously did something stupid didn’t I?

Anyway, I decided to abandon the crossover top and try some more of the stitch patterns.

Here is a mock hairpin crochet:

Mock Hairpin Crochet
In the book they used this pattern on a shawl and a smock top, neither of which would have been any good to me. It’s quite a nice stitch pattern though and it was easy to do. This one also has you moving the swing lever then knitting two rows and moving it back and knitting another two rows. So I would probably have managed to make a mistake in that one as well if I’d been distracted in the middle of it.

Another one I tried was this slip stitch rib:

Slip Stitch Rib
The pattern doesn’t show up too well with it being a dark wool but it was really easy to do. I don’t think that even I could have made a mess of that one – but then again……

Talk to you later,


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  1. Julie says:

    >Have you got space for a few more composters??? LOL…looks like you need them, eh?Good work with all the garden work anyway! It is finally cooling down here enough to get me out in the yard a LITTLE BIT!!!Not much.Julie(Originally posted on 1st October 2007)

  2. verobirdie says:

    >I have the same composte problem as you :-). My formal composter is full. I've read in a gardening magazine a trick that may help: fill an opaque bin bag to its half, close it, and shake it once a week for at least 6 months. Should result in a nice compost. Anyway, I have 3 bags to be shaken every week…(Originally posted on 1st October 2007)

  3. Susan says:

    >That's a good idea, I'll have to try it. Thanks for suggesting it.(Originally posted on 1st October 2007)

  4. dee says:

    >A good activator for your compost bin to help it break down quicker is erm "cough" "cough" pee, has to be womens though, something to do with hormones(Originally posted on 3rd October 2007)

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