>What’s Wrong With This Punchcard?

>Yesterday I punched a design on a punchcard intending to use it on a sweater. The design was from one of the Knitmaster Punchcard Pattern books so I assumed it would be OK for my Knitmaster 321.

I decided I would have a practise run with it rather than just jump in and start on the sweater. It’s just as well I did because this is what happened:

Punchcard Pattern Gone Wrong
It just kept dropping stitches left right and centre. Here’s a close up:

Punchcard Mistake Close Up
At first I thought I was doing something wrong so I had another go but the same thing happened. I had a few more goes but it happened every time. I tried knitting it at different tensions but that didn’t help. I tried putting the weaving brushes on the carriage but that didn’t help. I tried swapping the yarns in the feeder but that didn’t help. I was getting more and more frustrated with it. I checked the instruction book and the carriage settings over and over again but I couldn’t see anything that I was doing wrong. Can you remember when I first got this machine I tried a punchcard pattern and was so pleased because it didn’t drop any stitches? I assumed that everything was in working order. I know I’ve had problems with the tuck stitch patterns but that was because I had the needles arranged wrongly. Surely this punchcard should work?

In the end I tried one of the punchcards from the basic set and guess what? It worked perfectly without missing a single stitch. So I tried another two and they both worked perfectly as well.

What do you think the problem could be? Either I’ve punched the card wrongly, though I can’t see how, or the machine just doesn’t like the pattern that I chose. Maybe it’s something to do with the what the punchcard is made of. The pre-punched cards are slightly thicker and not as shiney as the blanks, so maybe that’s it. I just don’t know. All I know is that it had me nearly demented last night.

Anyway, I gave up on the design I’d chosen from the pattern book and decided to use one of the pre-punched cards for my sweater. So far I have completed the back:

Sweater Back
Probably not to everyone’s taste but I like it so I don’t care.

Here’s a close up of the pattern:

Punchcard Pattern
There should have been one more patterned band right at the top but it would have meant that the neck shaping would have been in the middle of it. Now, knowing how many mistakes I’ve made with my knitting lately I thought I would play it safe and just continue with the dark red for that part rather than do the pattern. I was bound to get confused after I’d done the right side and make a mess of getting the punchcard in the right place for the left side.

I just hope that the neck shaping for the front doesn’t start in the middle of the patterned band because I know I’ll mess it up if it does.

I am intending to learn how to do cut and sew necklines so that I can do patterned sweaters without having to worry about getting the left side to match the right side. I’ve read up on how to do it but it’s just trying it for the first time that I’m nervous about. Well not nervous but hesitant. I’m going to try it with some spare yarn, I won’t knit a whole sweater but probably just a square and then cut out a neckline shape to see if I can do it. Probably when I’ve done it once I’ll use that method all the time (if I get it right), I’m sure it’s a lot easier.

Has anyone reading this done cut and sew necklines and if so, did you find them easy to do?

Talk to you later,


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