>Should I Or Shouldn’t I – A Machine Knitter’s Dilema

>I bought a Bond knitting machine when they first came out back in the early 80s. I knitted all sorts on it. I subscribed to the Bond Magazine and bought nearly all the pattern books. Even though it’s a very basic machine I have always found it easy to use and it can knit fancy yarns easily. For DK, aran and chunky it’s a perfect machine for me. I bought an elusive Ribber for it which is a first class pain in the arse to set up and get working right but when it works it’s brilliant.

Every day when I walk to and from work I pass a charity shop. It is the shop where I bought my Knitmaster 321. For the past couple of months there has been propped up in the window a Knitmaster 151 (I think) chunky machine. I have resisted the temptation to buy it – so far. They want £20 for it. If nobody buys it they might just send it to the tip which would be a crying shame.

So my dilema is should I buy it or not? Do I really need it? I would think it will knit the same types of yarn as the Bond only quicker. If I do buy it I’ve got nowhere to put it. I would have to dismantle the 321 so I could clamp it to the knitting machine table. As it is now if I want to use the Bond which is very light, I can just take it downstairs and clamp it to the dining room table then take it back up when I’ve finished. The Knitmaster will be a bit heavy to be carrying up and down the stairs all the time. I have no patterns for the 151 while I have loads of patterns for the Bond. Could I use the Bond patterns for the 151? I do have the Knitware software though so I could create my own patterns.

Is the 151 a punchcard machine and if so, would it use the same punchcards as the 321?

£20 is a reasonable price for a knitting machine but would I end up spending a whole lot more on bits and pieces like I did for the 321?

Do I really need another knitting machine?

I really don’t know what to do.

What would you do?

Talk to you later,


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