>’New’ Knitmaster 151

>I finally took a few photos of the Knitmaster 151 that I bought for a fiver:

Knitmaster 151
Knitmaster 151 Parts
Knitmaster 151 Carriage
Knitmaster 151 Accessory Box
Knitmaster 151 Needlebed
Carriage Brush On Knitmaster 151
Oil For Knitmaster 151

So, what do you think? It’s immaculate isn’t it? The needlebed looks a little bit distorted but that’s just because I re-sized the photo, there’s nothing wrong with it at all. There’s no build up of fluff on the carriage brushes and they are not worn. The bottle of oil is still in the accessory box which surprised me. I think the first thing I knit on it will be a child’s sweater for charity – if I can find a pattern. I think I have a couple of balls of aran that I can use. I might do that at the weekend. If I can’t find a pattern I might use the Knit Radar, it will attach to the 151 so it should be OK.

I have another new addition – meet Miss Clawdy:

Dressmaker's Dummy
I bought Miss Clawdy so that I don’t have to keep trying things on as I’m sewing them up and sticking pins in myself. I have been trying to adjust her to my measurements but it’s not easy. I can get the bust and hips right but then the waist is too small. If I adjust the waist to the right size the rest ends up too big. I think I need to figure out exactly which wheels I should be turning to adjust it properly. Anyway, if I manage to sort her out properly she may be appearing in a short video at the weekend – I’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >i bought alsdo a knitmaster 151 used but without user manual, i would like to know do u have a user manual, if yes could u make an e-copy coz i dont know at all how to use my machine 🙂 i would be very thankfull

  2. Susan says:

    >You can download the manual here

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