>Cross Stitch Update & Mitred Squares

>Progress October 22nd.
I’ve just about finished all the stitches now which only leaves the backstitch to do. Do you reckon I’ll get it finished this year? I hope so.

After I wrote last night’s post I decided to have a go at knitting the mitred squares on the Knitmaster 4500. Here’s my first attempt:

Mitred Square 1st Attempt
I put one needle into holding position at the end opposite the carriage then knitted two rows. I did this until there was only one needle left in working position then reversed the process until all the needles were back in working position. As it was just a test I only knitted it in one colour and over 20 stitches but as you can see it’s nearly square so I was on the right track.

Here’s my second attempt:

Mitred Square 2nd Attempt
Again it was over 20 stitches but this time I tried using two colours. I didn’t quite get the stripes in the right place so as you can see they don’t join up properly on the mitre.

Here’s my third attempt:

Mitred Square 3rd Attempt
Success! Well, it looks alright to me. It’s still not a perfect square but hopefully I could fix that by pinning it out and pressing it or blocking it.

I’m hoping to use up some more of my leftovers by knitting these squares and sewing them together into a blanket. The squares I make will be bigger than these test squares, so I’ll be casting on 40 stitches for each one. I hope it works. I Googled ‘mitred squares’ and found a few photos of finished rugs and blankets which have inspired me even more to make one of my own. I have no idea when I’m going to knit it – maybe it can be an on going project where I knit a square or two when I’ve got nothing else to do.

Talk to you later,


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4 Responses to >Cross Stitch Update & Mitred Squares

  1. sew_vain says:

    >hello, fellow blogger!i'll have you know that i searched "knitting machines" in google images and one of your photos caught my eye, so i clicked on it and it brought me to your blog. i have to say, i'm very intrigued-i love knitting! i acquired a knitting machine about three years ago that i have yet to use, but i love it. i hope to put it to good use-soon!anyway, i'm writing to you to say that i borrowed something you wrote: the story about the e-mail from "someone" on e-bay. i thought the story was very funny.here is the link to my blog:http://sewvain.blogspot.com/so you can check that out if you feel like it.talk to you soon!(Originally posted on 23rd October 2007)

  2. T says:

    >Good morning! The mitered squares are looking good! It took awhile, but I found heidi's info and charts for (most) things mitered – http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/album/560673614HFVsoDBe sure and wander through all 3 pages – hopefully you'll see something that inspires you! — fiberbabble(Originally posted on 23rd October 2007)

  3. Susan says:

    >Thanks for the link, T – some good ideas there.(Originally posted on 23rd October 2007)

  4. Heidi says:

    >I'm glad you decided to get the 151, Susan, and it looks like it's in new condition, what a sweet deal! You sure have knitted a lot of sweaters and the new bodyform is doing a good job modelling them all, very nice work! I bought one not long ago because it sure beats having to try things on umpteen times. I like the houndstooth pattern on your latest sweater and also the fair-isle pattern on the knitted sample, wish I were as good at finishing things myself.How long have you been working on the embroidered picture? Are you looking forward to the background stitches or will those be boring?The one thing I wish one could easily do on a knitting machine is garter stitch. It looks really good on the mitered squares and adds a nice texture as well as produce a square stitch gauge but I guess one can't have everything! I'm already grateful that stockinet is so quickly knit on it, that part is the most boring in hand knitting. I like the 4500 and the later model Knittax machines too, they can tuck for more rows than most other machines and without weights. What are you going to do if there is another machine in the charity shop? I would have a hard time turning down any such good buys! I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone will drop off a 150 ribber! Take care, Heidi(Originally posted on 26th October 2007)

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