>Mitred Squares

>I was going to knit some more of my sweater today but I decided it would be more fun to knit some mitred squares instead. I haven’t got that many done but I’ll keep on with them until I get bored then I’ll carry on with the sweater.

Machine Knitted Mitred Squares
As you can see they aren’t exactly square but believe me, by the time I’ve finished with them they won’t dare to be anything but square. I need to pin them out to size – they’ll be 7 inch squares – and either press them under a damp cloth or steam them. I will make them square.

In answer to Heidi’s question about the cross stitch project that I’m working on – I’ve been on with it about a year. I would have had it finished by now if I hadn’t kept getting bored with it and ignoring it. I’ve started on the backstich so I know it’s nearly done. I enjoy adding the backstitch because that’s what really brings it to life. All I’ve done so far is the farmer’s cap and some of his jacket. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

In answer to the other question – what will I do if I see another knitting machine in the charity shop – well, I don’t need another one……… but you know how it is, don’t you?

Talk to you later,


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