>The Bond Ribber – A.K.A. Beelzebub

>I have spent most of today trying to set up the Bond Ribber – and failing miserably to get it working. I am no longer going to call it the Bond Ribber, from now on it will be known as Beelzebub.

I was asked by someone to make a video showing how to set it up as she was having problems with hers. After an hour and a half I had managed to knit about half a dozen rows then it all fell off the machine (again) so I gave up.

I condensed the hour and a half of video footage into half an hour – 3 ten minute videos. It actually took me longer to edit them than it did to make the film, then there was the time it took to upload them to You Tube, which is why I said I have spent most of the day doing it. If you watch all the videos you will notice that my mood gradually gets worse until I am nearly ready to give the machine a flying lesson straight out of the window. I did remove all the parts when I was cursing and swearing but if I missed any I apologise.

So, Karen, I am sorry that I couldn’t help you much but I really did try.

Here are the three videos:

Tomorrow I will be setting up the Knitmaster 302 as Samantha has asked me to show her how to do two colour knitting on it. I hope I have more success with that than I have had with Beelzebub today.

Talk to you later,


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4 Responses to >The Bond Ribber – A.K.A. Beelzebub

  1. steel breeze says:

    >I've never been so glad to only have metal bed machines as I am tonight! I did have a bond for a short time, but didn't get on with the single bed's patchy output to get any further – rather like going from a car back to a bicycle I suppose!(Originally posted on 3rd November 2007)

  2. Susan says:

    >The Bond on it's own is great, at least I think so. I've used it for over 20 years without a problem, it's just the ribber – it's cursed, I'm convinced of it!(Originally posted on 3rd November 2007)

  3. Heidi says:

    >Susan, your experiences with the Bond ribber sounds just like the ones I've had and I bet probably anyone who ever tried it out. If you get it set up just exactly right, not off one teeny bit, it will work ok. Problem is that only the ribber knows what exactly that means each time and it won't divulge its little secret! 🙂 I finally gave up on that handle, put foam strips under bed and ribber retainer bars, made a cardboard cover for the carriages and used the Elite handle with the feeding nozzle. Later on, to see if it was possible, I made a cardboard handle with a see-through plastic window so I could watch the stitches as they knit. I also put extra rubber padds on the ribber brackets because mine seemed to have gone a bit flat over the years. It works much better now, in part, because you can see the yarn as it is being placed across the needles so you'll know right away when something is starting to go wrong and before a stitch has dropped. The Elite and its ribber are much more dependable and they're connected by a better method too. I was glad that the Bond ribber wasn't my first one or I might never have pursued another ribber! Like you, I've always liked my Bond for its ease in setting up and getting started very quickly with any old yarn, no need for cones. I have a cast on comb for it but often just start with an e-wrap without any weights, knit a few rows and then hang claw weights. Thanks for taking the time to make the videos, they sure brought back memories of my own hours spent battling that doggone ribber! I enjoyed your audio blog too and the pictures of your Bond projects, very nice work! Take care, Heidi(Originally posted on 4th November 2007)

  4. aussieflower says:

    >Hi Susan, I have just spent the morning here wrestling with my Passap duo 80. The legs stayed on after the 3rd attempt and much swearing. After 2 years wrapped in sheeting it saw the light of day. Once assembled, sprayed with lubricant the test then was to see if it would go when I plugged it in. Turned on the power and away she went. Gave her a big kiss and a hug, think i fell in love with her all over again. Smooth as a whisper she went. Then to find the instruction book, spent the next 2 hours searching, but no luck. Frustration was beginning to set in so decided to take time out and look for sites about Passap machines. Came across your site so decided to drop you a line, now i needed a blog, what the hell was a blog???????? got to the blog site and created a blog. Then lost your site and didnt have a clue how to get back there. It came up with machine knitters with blogs and low and behold there you were. So pleased to meet you, I did chuckle at your attempts with the bond though. I will be back and post if i ever find my instruction manual. keep safe. Aussieflower(Originally posted on 4th November 2007)

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