2-Colour Patterning On The Knitmaster 302

Samantha asked me if I would make a video showing how to do two-colour patterning on the Knitmaster 302. This machine doesn’t use punchcards but has push buttons on the carriage and dials on the machine which control the patterning.
It can create many different patterns depending on how the buttons and dials are set.

I had to put the footage onto two seperate videos, here they are:


I think it will be a while before I make any more videos now, that’s all I seem to have done this weekend! I really want to get some things finished, there’s the mitred square blanket and the knitted Tigger, I want to try double jacquard, drive lace and pile knitting on the Knitmaster 321, have a go at cut and sew necklines, finish the cross stitch picture and sew up the sweater I finished knitting last week. I think I’m going to be quite busy.

Talk to you later,


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