>Mitred Squares

>I knitted a couple more mitred squares this morning on the Knitmaster 4500, here they are along with a few more that I haven’t shown you yet:

Mitred Squares
I might show you how I knit them one day. I’ve still got quite a few more to make before I have enough for a blanket. I want it for when I’m curled up on the settee on a night watching the telly or surfing the internet.

I’ll have to work out how many 7 inch squares I’m going to need – I want it to be about 5 foot square, so I’ll have to have 9 squares along each edge which will make it just over at 63 inches or a bit less to allow for the seams.

So that means I’ll need 81 squares – I’ve only knitted 18. Oh well, it looks like it’s going to take longer than I thought it would.

Talk to you later,


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