>Mitred Square Blanket – A Re-Think

>I was thinking over what I said yesterday about the mitred square blanket and how I was going to have 9 squares along each side. What was I thinking? This is what I’ll be doing with the squares:

Mitred Squares Pinned Out

…. which means I need an even number of squares along each edge. Pretty obvious really isn’t it? Well, apparently not to me.

So, I have now decided that I will have 8 squares along each edge which means I now only need 64 – I’ve still only done 18 so far.

I won an ebay auction for some Knit Radar pattern packs and they arrived today. Unfortunately the seller didn’t say which Knit Radar model they were for and I didn’t think to ask before I bid on them. So of course they are the wrong ones – I have a KR6 and the patterns are too wide for it. I think they must be for the KR7. Oh well, they’ll go back on ebay. In future if I see any more I must remember to check that they are the right ones.

Talk to you later,


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