>Finished Sweater And Cut & Sew

>My sweater is finally finished:

Finished Sweater

I thought the neckband had gone wrong but after washing and pressing it it has turned out OK:

Sweater Neckline

So what went wrong with this one? It would be a surprise if nothing went wrong with something I knitted but this time nothing has. Like I said, I had my doubts about the neckband but I needn’t have worried.

I want to make a waistcoat next so I’ve been looking through my magazines for one that I like. I found one but the smallest size is too big. I still have a few more to look through so I might find something in my size. If I can’t find one I’ll have to have a look at the pattern I’ve already found and see if I can alter it.

Today I finally had a go at a cut & sew neckline. I didn’t make a full sweater, just knitted about 20 rows then started the neck shaping. I only cast on enough for a child’s sweater. Instead of casting off and decreasing for the neck shaping, I threaded a contrast yarn through the stitches that should have been cast off so I would know where to cut.

Anyway, this is what I ended up with after I’d joined the neckband using the Hague Linker:

Cut & Sew Neckline

I don’t think it looks too bad for a first attempt and I can’t believe how easy it was to do. I’m glad I pressed the knitting and set the stitches before I cut it, or it could have ended up as a bit of a disaster.

Here is a closer view:

Cut & Sew Neckline

I think the linker gives it a very neat finish. Now that I know I can do it I will probably use this method a lot, especially if I’m knitting something that has an all over pattern.

Talk to you later,


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