>A New Sweater

>I decided to have a go at knitting the sweater with the diagonally knitted front. I was fully expecting it to go wrong because the instructions looked a bit confusing. However, I was totally wrong – it was really easy. I used a ruler to keep my place on the pattern and when I reached the parts such as ‘repeat from * to * 4 times’, I used my mini dry-wipe board to mark down each time I did the repeat so that I wouldn’t lose count. It’s been very useful that dry wipe board, I think I bought it from the pound shop.

I was very surprised every time I got to the parts where it said what the row counter should read and how many stitches I should have, it was right every time. Amazingly enough for me I didn’t make a single mistake.

Anyway, here’s what the front looks like:

Diagonally Knitted Sweater Front
I’ve since knitted the welt but I couldn’t photograph it as it was too dark.
The main colour is a creamy yellow and the stripes are green and navy – the colours don’t show up too well in the photo.

Here’s a close-up of the stripes:

Close - Up Of Sweater Front
I must admit when I first took it off the machine after I’d knitted it I couldn’t work out which was the neckline and which were the armhole shapings but I had another look at the photo in the magazine and then it all became clear.

So tomorrow I’ll knit the back which is just knitted normally from the bottom to the top and with a bit of luck it will knit up the same size as the front – all being well.

Talk to you later,


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  1. >Your sweater is turning out lovely. I only tried a knitting machine once. I do lots of knitting on my needles though.(Originally posted on 18th November 2007)

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