>Things I Need To Finish

>Today I knitted the sleeves of the striped top that I started a couple of weeks ago on the Knitmaster 321. I should have made a start at sewing it up but I didn’t, so this is how it looks now:

I’ll sew it up eventually – I don’t know when.

I’ll also sew these up some time:

I knitted two of these pairs of socks weeks ago but I haven’t got round to sewing them up yet (surprise, surprise).
The bottom two pairs were knitted on the Knitmaster 4500 following the pattern in my sidebar so the seams at the sides of the foot and the back of the ankle need sewing up.
For the top two pairs I decided to try ‘seam as you go’. They were also knitted on the Knitmaster 4500 using the same pattern but I joined the foot seams as I was knitting the sock. The first sock ended up with a hole at either side after I’d finished the foot part and the second one ended up with two smaller holes on either side but the third and fourth ones ended up with no holes. I wasn’t following any instructions on how to do the seam as you go, I was just guessing how to do it but I think I’ve got it figured out now. I end up only having to sew up the back ankle seam which isn’t too bad. I’ll be able to fix the socks that ended up with holes so they’ll be OK.
I know the stripes don’t match up where they are seamed but who’s going to see that when they’re inside my shoes? The part that shows will look alright – not that anybody’s going to see that part either.
You might remember a few months ago I found a pack of sock yarn at a charity shop – 500g – well I’m going to knit it all up, I think I’ll get nine pairs of socks out of it. I think it only cost me £3.99 so it was a bargain.

Sorry my photos are a bit dark today but I didn’t take them until about 4 o’clock this afternoon and the light was fading.

Talk to you later,


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