>More Machine Knitting Practice

>Today I decided to have a go at the next technique in the Mary Weaver Ribbing Attachment book which was fisherman rib and weaving.
This is the only clue as to how it should have looked:

I wasn’t going to knit a full sweater, just a sample of the different techniques so I just cast on 61 stitches.

I knitted about 10 rows of 1×1 rib then set up the machine for fisherman rib as instructed. I knitted about 50 rows and all was going well, as you can see:

(Photo no longer available)

Next I had to transfer all the ribber stitches onto the main bed. I did this using the transfer carriage and managed to do it without dropping a stitch. Things were looking good.

Then the instructions said “set carriage so that it will not knit and move it across the needlebed twice to set first row of punchcard.” I had to have a look at my machine’s manual for this as I wasn’t sure how to do it. I thought I’d set it right, then I started moving the carriage along and the stitches were dropping off the needles. I hadn’t set the carriage to slip like I should have. This is where it all started to go wrong.

I put the stitches back onto the needles and set up the carriage for weaving. I have never done any weaving with this machine before now and this is what happened:

It’s not good is it? I don’t know why the dark brown went like that, I followed the instructions but it just wasn’t weaving. The light brown was a little bit more successful and the blue was better still.

Then I had to transfer the stitches for fisherman rib again and knit another 50 rows or so. It would have been alright if I’d remembered to remove the punchcard but I didn’t so it started tucking some of the stitches:

(Photo no longer available)

Anyway, I took the punchcard out and finished the fisherman rib without a problem apart from a couple of dropped stitches at one edge.

Then I decided to have another go at the weaving. I couldn’t understand why it had gone wrong the first time. So I put the punchcard back in and gave it another go:

(Photo no longer available)

Well, the second row went wrong but after that it seemed OK. There are another two rows that went wrong as you can see but that was my fault – I’d punched two extra holes in the punchcard where they shouldn’t have been.

So I’ve now learned how to do fisherman rib and weaving on the 321. I think tomorrow I’ll have a go at drive lace and pile knitting, I’ve been wanting to try those for a while. I haven’t finished the striped sweater yet – I’ve got the neckband knitted so I just need to sew it all up. Maybe I’ll do that next week.

Talk to you later,


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